Meso Threads – Qeen, Lead Fine Lift, Dream-up.

Effect of treatments lasts for 2 years. Meso theards efficiently solve face problems.

By using meso threads, you can get rid of dark circles under the eyes, smooth mimic wrinkles, also correct the oval of the face and model a graceful curve of the lips.

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Microcirculation of skin improves and new cells and blood vessels are formed. By using meso threads, you can greatly reduce belly size, remove double chin. You can also strengthen saggy skin on different parts of your body.

During threadlifting procedure with meso threads a fast-acting lifting of face problem zones, as well as restoration of body contour can be achieved. A special after-procedure effect can be reached because of stimulation of neocollagen production in deep skin layers.

Meso threads are completely absorbed in 6-8 months. The third level of collage is produced during the process that provides skin strengthening and density, and maintains skin lifting effect for up to 1,5-2 years.

Meso threads – Qeen, Lead Fine Lift, Dream-up made in Korea and certificated in EU.