Lips correction from 165 €
Filling of nose-lips lines from 160 €
Filling of wrinkles on a forehead from 160 €
Non-surgical face lift from 180 €
Zone of eyes from 160 €
Biorevitalization of face from 120 €
Meso threads
The price of one meso thread 15 €
For all face from 10-25 meso threads
For neck 10-15 meso threads
To correct lip contour 5-7 meso threads
To fill the nasal-labial folds 8 meso threads
The eye zone 10 meso threads
Forehead 5-10 meso threads
Abdomen size lifting 20-40 meso threads
Around a mouth 8-10 meso threads

Individual approach for each client and make the program of procedures for home care.